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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday- Car Organization

My car has been taken over by my children's toys! Recently I told them that they could only have as many toys in the car as could fit in this box:

Now when we go through the drive through, the toys go in this box. When the box gets full, it gets cleaned out. If they want a new toy in the car, something must come out of the box.

The box sits right between their two seats in the van with their headphones hanging on the end. My floorboard stays a lot neater now!

For more Works for Me Wednesday posts head over to Don't try this at Home who is hosting this week.


CC said...

great idea! My kids don't even know about those toys yet. I wonder how long I can keep them in the dark ;)

Jacki said...

That is a cool idea....maybe it would work for all rooms in our house? Emma's toys are multiplying and migrating....