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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Getting Fit in February

Fit Mama Friday Presents "Get Fit in February"

Let's get fit in February! I'm kind of coming in on the tail end this but Metropolitan Mama is doing a 5 day fitness extravaganza from February 14-18. If you're like me and intended to get in shape this year and just haven't started, head on over for some inspiration, fitness websites, and some great giveaways. Don't waste another day of 2008 wishing you had started your fitness routine. Let's jump in and do it together! Who's with me?


Ginny said...

I bought some fitness stuff as well at the very beginning of the year & yet to use it. Glad you are joining in & found it from visiting my site! Cool prizes being given away!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for spotlighting GFIF! I'm so glad that you're joining the fun! :)

CR said...

I found your blog and LOVE IT! I'll try my best to get more fit this month. Won't take much.

CR said...

Let me clarify. "Won't take much" means "won't take much to improve my fitness level" since it's nonexistent. :)