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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Confessions of a Bed Hog

I confess- I am a bed hog! I need my space when I sleep. When I first married my sweet hubby, we had a queen sized bed and things were just fine. Now we have 2 darling children who are afraid of thunderstorms and like to sneak into bed with us early in the morning.

A few years ago, sweet hubby felt the pressure (intense pressure) to upgrade our queen bed to a king bed. We thought that would be the answer to all our problems.

Last night we had quite a thunderstorm come through around 3:45 am, so my darling Abby comes tiptoeing into my room. Thankfully Alyssa slept through it! With Abby tucked in between me and hubby, I tried to return to my peaceful night of sleep. Somehow I was awakened every 15-20 minutes by an elbow in the back or a foot to the back of the knee! It was brutal! I know someday she will be too big to want to sleep with us, so I tried to suck it up and somewhat just enjoy the fact that she is still little and wants to be with us! But come on, Mama needs some space, too! Is that horrible?


Dee said...

I feel your pain! I swear when ever our kids would jump in our bed, they would sleep with there head on once of us and their feet on the other. Like the letter H instead of Roman numeral III LOL

Mommy Cracked said...

We have the same problem. We upgraded to a queen right before Christmas and it's STILL not enough room. My son likes to sleep sideways, making it THAT much more difficult. But like you, I know these times are fleeting so we just hold on to the sides of the bed and pray we don't fall off.

Jacki said...

I am not a bed hog as much as a blanket hog. Peter will wake up freezing cold because I have stolen the blanket.