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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Great LUMI payoff!

What a great payoff for Lucas and Sami today! First of all, thank you for not dragging out the wedding. We have seen enough Sami weddings in the past. This one was just long enough to get the sweet stuff in and of course one "Gasp" moment as we all wondered if EJ would dare interrupt.

Then on to the reception where the real fun began. Of course Kate somehow got that incriminating picture into the slide show. I love that Lucas is standing by his new wife! I wish we saw a little more of that in real life. Too many times we file for divorce just because we're bored with each other! Here Lucas had real reason to be concerned and he wouldn't hear a bad word spoken about his bride. I think that is precious. Even more precious was the new tradition he started of "sharing" cake with the mother of the groom ... smashed in her face of course! She so deserved that for all the hateful thing she has done to Sami. Way to go Lucas! You have made a great start in your new marriage!

Not to be outdone, our sweet Sami decides to makes peace with EJ on the way to the honeymoon and let bygones be bygones. She even offers him a handshake (awwww!). Who would have thought she would follow that with a left hook? Way to go Sami! He was so not happy. The wrath of EJ will be felt in coming weeks. Until then, the honeymoon should get off to a great start, once Sami finishes telling Lucas that the baby may not be his. Oops!