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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Worst Housekeeper

I am going to take a detour from Days today because I honestly don't know if I will even get to watch today's episode. I don't know if you have a friend who's house makes you feel a little better about your own housekeeping. If you do not, I am here to be that friend today! I think I can declare myself the worst housekeeper! I really do try. I just stink at it!

Take today, for instance. I spent 3 hours this morning cleaning my house. Do you know what my sister's house would like if she cleaned for 3 hours? I guarantee you could eat off the floors and all your clothes would be neatly folded and waiting in your drawers! I don't know how she does it. Now at my house after 3 hours of cleaning, this is what I am left with:

An end table with a pile of junk!

A computer desk screaming for organization!

A dining room I dare not enter!!!!

So what exactly did I do for 3 hours, you ask. I did wash dishes. I did sweep and mop the kitchen and the bathrooms. And lets not forget the monumentous task of vacuuming even though you will not be able to tell it as soon as my darling children set foot into the house. So for the 3 hours of work I do have a kitchen that looks half-way decent:
Don't hold the Totino's pizza box on the counter against me. I had to write this during my lunch break. Then it's right back to cleaning!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shawn and Belle- The Right Track at Last

So between summer vacations and my kids starting back to school, I have been very neglectful of my blog. I have managed to watch Days, but sometimes only half-heartedly. Imagine my joy when I saw the preview this week for an upcoming wedding with Shawn and Belle as a possible couple!!!

I have rooted for this couple since that hokey last dance in high school. I have suffered through Belle's doomed marriage to Phillip and Shawn's rabbit chases of Mimi and Willow. When they finally found each other they have been sidetracked by all of these lies. It seems like today they are finally getting back on the right track- Yeah!!!

After months of Shawn calling Phillip out for wanting to get back with Belle, she finally sees it, too and calls him out on it! And he has the nerve to try to defend it! I'm a little nervous that we are going to get Psycho Phillip back any day now. Then Belle goes to the hospital and immediately tells Shawn about Phillip hitting on her. Well, how about that! Honesty in a relationship can work wonders!

How fishy was Phillips timing in finding out that Lauren was in San Antonio? I have read other's opinions that Phillip and Lauren could be in on this together to string Belle along. It might have started that way, but if it did, I certainly think he got more than he intended when she dropped off the baby. What if Phillip paid her the money the first time she asked with the condition that she help lead him on a wild goose chase to help him get Belle? If that were the case, he could have been the one that left "Pocket" at the hospital for safe keeping until he finished resolving things with Belle and Lauren. Just a little conspiracy theory. It seems like Belle is wising up to his schemes and trying to communicate better and that is exactly what I have been waiting for for these two.