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Friday, October 13, 2006

I have the best husband

Hopefully, everybody at some point at least likes the person they married. This week I read in my Bible study something that quite frankly is a little scary to me. It talked about how sins of one generation tend to be repeated by following generations. There are things in my ancestry that I don't want repeated in my marriage. As the title of this entry says, I have the best husband. I am a person who was raised with lots of self doubt and no self worth. My husband, Alex, has helped restore that. His patience with me is indescribable. Most men would not put up with the baggage he had to put up with when we got married.

So I'm left wondering what keeps going wrong in marriages today? Do people just forget that there was a time that they were so grateful to find someone like I have in Alex? For me, I pray that I never forget or never take for granted what a gift Alex is.