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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The tables are turned on Chelsea

I love that Chelsea has finally cleaned up her act and yet everything is falling apart on her! She was so easy to hate for so long! Now she is almost like a tragic heroine. She finally gets her life going in the right direction and the world is stacked against her.

Her true love "Lonely Splicer" is all a lie. Eventually she has to see how sweet Nick has been to listen to her pine over this guy right in front of him while he was in love her the whole time. Even if he was only pretending to try to track down Lonely Splicer, that is still going above and beyond when he really wanted her for himself. What she thinks is a horrible breach of her trust she will come to find extremely sexy and sweet!

How great was it to finally see Hope come around and forgive Chelsea? What a great talk they were having ... Chelsea was opening up, Hope was forgiving, Chelsea was holding the baby, then Bo comes crashing in! How great is this police work to think that a teenager was knowingly carrying information for the Dimeras? I'm sure that Patrick did ask questions and use the information that he heard from her, but she was just a dumb, self-absorbed teen who had no idea she was being played. Now her dad is falling for another ploy of the Dimeras and he is going to feel like an idiot when he realizes it and the therapy bill will swell even larger for dear little Chelsea!

Just as a side note... Abe and Celeste- ewwww! Were they really playing the romance music for them the other day when he asked her to move in and help take care of Theo? Please, please no! That is just way gross! You just don't make a move on your daughter's ex-husband! There are some lines you just don't cross! Come on, people!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Shawn and Belle

Shawn and Belle were plain adorable today! I love the looks they give each other. I can't wait until they are back together, but until then the actors are doing a terrific job of showing those stolen glances of 2 people who want to be together but can't yet. Days has been notorious for dragging these types of things out for way too long. Let's hope they keep these two moving forward and toward getting together eventually!

I love that Shawn is taking control and reassuring Belle that he can handle the situation with the immunization so she doesn't have to worry about it. Every woman wants a take charge guy and Shawn won major points with that today. Belle was showing how much she needs him and he was there for her. Now I hope they find a way to turn the tables and let him see how much he needs her. My fear is that they will be forced to marry ( a la Sami and Austin when Will was kidnapped years ago). Don't get me wrong... I can't wait for them to finally want to be married but it would be nice for someone to fall in love and then get married and then have kids for a change on this show.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

John and Marlena

Could we please give the super talented Drake Hogestyn (John) and Deidra Hall (Marlena) a real story to work with here? This dream world is just horrible! I feel like I am back in Austin and Greta's secret garden ... and who wants to go back there!!!! I watch this soap for an escape from reality but this is too much of an escape for even me. You have to give me something I can relate to. I can already tell you what will happen - John will wake up with no memory of the shooting. He probably won't even remember Marlena. Sometimes I feel like the writers are just using old scripts and changing the names of the characters!

But oh how I loved Sami swapping the DVD at Kate's press conference. It is definitely time for Kate to get hers! Sami doesn't always do the right thing, but this time she really is trying to do what it best to protect Lucas. I actually feel sorry for her for once. Can't wait to see how Kate tries to spin this!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Days of Our Lives

So I totally love Days of Our Lives and am considering turning this into a DOOL blog so that maybe I will update it more frequently. I have watched Days since I was 12 (just during summers) and started taping everyday when I was 15 ... you can do the math on how long I've been watching!

Well, recently they've gotten a new writer and it has gotten really good again, like back in the day. I love having Steve and Kayla back. Bo and Hope are together, Belle and Shawn are together ... love is in the air. I love it! They have even begun to redeem Chelsea. Who would have thought that was possible?

But what is up with Philip? I don't so much mind him being a bad guy, but let's make it believable. This man was limping from his amputation before he left for his second duty at war (like that would happen!), now he is throwing people around in brawls like he is Hercules. I would believe this if they mentioned some new advanced surgery (like his miraculous no-healing time face transplant) that was performed on his leg. But nobody even acknowledges the physical differences in him- besides how he looks. I know there are amazing prosthetic legs out there, but his was always giving him problems- until now!

The other thing I really don't like right now is Nick and Billie. Eww, eww, and double eww! I was really rooting for him and Chelsea and I hope this doesn't ruin that. I'll have to see what they do with it.

I think there is a pretty good balance of love stories and villains. It is just so well written and I love to watch. There is a website that I love to check for updates (Dustin's Day's of our Lives page) but I haven't found a good blog yet. So maybe I'll just make one.

Friday, February 02, 2007


How much do I love Bunko?!!! I went to my first Bunko game last night and can I just say, "Wow, we had fun!" Who would think 12 Southern Baptist women could be so rowdy? Most of us had no clue what we were doing but we picked it up pretty quickly. Maybe the clueless factor made it more funny. Everytime someone rolled a "Bunko" (three 6s) they had to yell "Bunko" and put on a silly pink hat. We had a ball trying to get that hat. Sadly I never got a turn with it :( After an hour of dice rolling and sheer silliness, we totaled up our points and determined who had won the prizes for the night. I love my children, but I sure had fun getting out for a night with the girls for a change!