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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Days of Our Lives

So I totally love Days of Our Lives and am considering turning this into a DOOL blog so that maybe I will update it more frequently. I have watched Days since I was 12 (just during summers) and started taping everyday when I was 15 ... you can do the math on how long I've been watching!

Well, recently they've gotten a new writer and it has gotten really good again, like back in the day. I love having Steve and Kayla back. Bo and Hope are together, Belle and Shawn are together ... love is in the air. I love it! They have even begun to redeem Chelsea. Who would have thought that was possible?

But what is up with Philip? I don't so much mind him being a bad guy, but let's make it believable. This man was limping from his amputation before he left for his second duty at war (like that would happen!), now he is throwing people around in brawls like he is Hercules. I would believe this if they mentioned some new advanced surgery (like his miraculous no-healing time face transplant) that was performed on his leg. But nobody even acknowledges the physical differences in him- besides how he looks. I know there are amazing prosthetic legs out there, but his was always giving him problems- until now!

The other thing I really don't like right now is Nick and Billie. Eww, eww, and double eww! I was really rooting for him and Chelsea and I hope this doesn't ruin that. I'll have to see what they do with it.

I think there is a pretty good balance of love stories and villains. It is just so well written and I love to watch. There is a website that I love to check for updates (Dustin's Day's of our Lives page) but I haven't found a good blog yet. So maybe I'll just make one.

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