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Monday, February 12, 2007

Shawn and Belle

Shawn and Belle were plain adorable today! I love the looks they give each other. I can't wait until they are back together, but until then the actors are doing a terrific job of showing those stolen glances of 2 people who want to be together but can't yet. Days has been notorious for dragging these types of things out for way too long. Let's hope they keep these two moving forward and toward getting together eventually!

I love that Shawn is taking control and reassuring Belle that he can handle the situation with the immunization so she doesn't have to worry about it. Every woman wants a take charge guy and Shawn won major points with that today. Belle was showing how much she needs him and he was there for her. Now I hope they find a way to turn the tables and let him see how much he needs her. My fear is that they will be forced to marry ( a la Sami and Austin when Will was kidnapped years ago). Don't get me wrong... I can't wait for them to finally want to be married but it would be nice for someone to fall in love and then get married and then have kids for a change on this show.

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