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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The tables are turned on Chelsea

I love that Chelsea has finally cleaned up her act and yet everything is falling apart on her! She was so easy to hate for so long! Now she is almost like a tragic heroine. She finally gets her life going in the right direction and the world is stacked against her.

Her true love "Lonely Splicer" is all a lie. Eventually she has to see how sweet Nick has been to listen to her pine over this guy right in front of him while he was in love her the whole time. Even if he was only pretending to try to track down Lonely Splicer, that is still going above and beyond when he really wanted her for himself. What she thinks is a horrible breach of her trust she will come to find extremely sexy and sweet!

How great was it to finally see Hope come around and forgive Chelsea? What a great talk they were having ... Chelsea was opening up, Hope was forgiving, Chelsea was holding the baby, then Bo comes crashing in! How great is this police work to think that a teenager was knowingly carrying information for the Dimeras? I'm sure that Patrick did ask questions and use the information that he heard from her, but she was just a dumb, self-absorbed teen who had no idea she was being played. Now her dad is falling for another ploy of the Dimeras and he is going to feel like an idiot when he realizes it and the therapy bill will swell even larger for dear little Chelsea!

Just as a side note... Abe and Celeste- ewwww! Were they really playing the romance music for them the other day when he asked her to move in and help take care of Theo? Please, please no! That is just way gross! You just don't make a move on your daughter's ex-husband! There are some lines you just don't cross! Come on, people!

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