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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Amazing Grace

This whole transformation of Sami has been a long time coming. I wasn't real sure I would like it, but the scenes in the church today were very well done! I think the things Lucas said to Sami described her transformation perfectly. He said their relationship was like the song "Amazing Grace" ... they once were lost without each other but now they are found. Of course, as a Christian, when the priest required them to come to confession I would have liked him to make mention of how we are lost with the saving grace that they were talking about. If you're going to mention it in front of a priest, shouldn't he mention the real reason you sing it?

Days does a pretty good job of accurately showing things in the church, even if they onlygo to church for weddings and funerals! I loved that Sami kneeled down and said she would go ahead and have her confession right there because that's what it was really all about anyway! I've always thought it was a little sad for people who thought that the only way you can confess your sins is to a priest. I know there are plenty of Catholics who know that they can pray directly to God, but I seem to know too many who have missed that fact! It was nice to see that on TV.

The fact that Sami is still hiding one more lie from Lucas is proof that we will see old Sami again. Now that I have grown to like this reformed Sami I am sad about that. You would think she would eventually learn!

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