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Friday, March 16, 2007

Willow - Are her 15 minutes up yet?

I must admit I have never been a fan of Willow. I don't see where she fits into any of the storylines they have put her in. I did not like her paired with Shaun. We all know he belongs with Belle. I understand there must be bumps in the road of a relationsip to keep a soap opera going, but come on people, did you really think a prostitute was the right way to break up the next supercouple?

As if that were not bad enough, when Shaun finally got smart enough to break things off with her, you would think Days would write her off. So why is she still on the show? Her scenes with Phillip to try to get Claire back were awful! The only purpose they seemed to serve was to make Phillip more of a jerk and I think we all can agree that no one likes this side of him either. Victor makes a good villain. Phillip does not.

Now we are being treated to family members of Willow! I actually like Jed. I feel kind of sorry for him since he had no idea what his sister was doing to fund his college education! However, if this prolongs Willows stay then Jed can transfer to UCLA for all I care!

They are even putting her in front burner stories with EJ and Bo and Hope. TPTB know that the fans are screaming for screen time for their favorites that haven't been seen in weeks like John and Marlena, yet we continue to have new characters like Willow shoved into scenes where she doesn't fit. The only good thing to come of this, I guess, is that she actually did start the fire in Bo and Hope's house even though she is trying to pin it on Chelsea. The sooner Willow leaves Salem the better!


Christy said...

I agree! Willow be gone!! And take Jed with you!

Chandra said...

I just saw in Soap Opera Digest that Jed is leaving (at least the actor is). Hopefully we are one step closer to being Willow-free!