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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Max- Race Car Driver or Super Spy (& Shawn/Belle update)

I really enjoy having Max back on the show, but would somebody decide what he is going to do and stick with it. He was great as the new heartthrob in town: the race car driver living on the edge! Then he becomes the town womanizer. Next, he's just a boring car mechanic with a past trying to get the good girl. Now all of a sudden, I'm supposed to believe the town mechanic is jet setting to Italy to spy on one of the most sophisticated crime families in the world!!! I can totally see why Max asked Kayla why she didn't take Roman or Bo, those are the brothers you want with you for this mission. I think I would even take Marlena or Hope before asking Max!

How great was it to finally hear Belle tell Shawn "I love you" today? Can we finally get moving with this couple now? They have had so many things standing in their way, including Shawn's blind stupidity. How does he not see Belle's insecurity and jealousy of Gabby? That doesn't take a genious to figure out why she wants to leave the island all of a sudden. If they can just get off the island before Phillip spots them! Will Gabby turn them in? Has she been working for Phillip all along? There's something not right with her! Come on "Shelle" get it together!

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