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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Gallant Men of Salem

Nick, Lucas, Max, and Shawn really turned it up on the show today! Nick was by far my favorite. When he first came on the show, he was such a weenie! Now he has become so protective of Chelsea as well as Sami. I loved his scenes with Sami today, and the vulnerability that she shows with him is great. Of course it would be better to see a little of that with her own fiancee, but beggars can't be choosers! I like seeing that Nick has grown a backbone and is willing to stand up to EJ knowing that he is such a bad guy. Nick reminds me of a Southern gentleman and he has been a great addition to Salem.

And how lucky is Sami to have Lucas on her side as well. His scenes with EJ were terrific today. I loved that he called EJ on his crap in the hospital and told him that he needed to stop obsessing over Sami. EJ has still not done what he promised to about moving out, yet he continues to placate Lucas with excuses. I'm glad that Lucas is not falling for it. I really wish he were smart enough to call Sami on some of her lame excuses before another wedding falls through. If she can be honest with Nick and Celeste, surely she can be honest with Lucas.

Max is just adorable with Abby. I even like the girl subbing for the regular Abby. I loved hearing Max talk to Kayla about wanting to make sure he protected Abby's innocence on yesterday's show. It was a good way of acknowledging all of the character issues that he has been dealt recently. The way it is looking, who knows if this relationship will last, though, with Ashley Benson leaving show. I am hoping they will recast the role of Abby (maybe even with the girl who is subbing today) because this story line has grown on me.

Lastly, more Shawn love from me! I just love this story. I would like to see more of the vets featured but Shawn and Belle are the future of Days for me! I have enjoyed watching their relationship develop into what it is now where they trust each other completely. When Belle said, "We're staying" Shawn followed and trusted her instincts. A few weeks ago, he wouldn't have done that. Belle has finally been able to trust him when he said he loves her and honestly tell him that she loves him. That is a huge step for her. I think we are a going to see a big test in this new trust pretty soon. Gabby seems to have proven herself for now, but I think she is still up to something. As soon as they let their guard down, I think she will turn on them somehow.

Now, if only Phillip and EJ will get the memo that Salem men are to be more gallant :)

1 comment:

Christy said...

The new Abby is growing on me too. I still miss Ashley though.

Can I say how much I DETEST EJ right now? Days is doing a great job of making me sick when I see him. Sami so needs to tell the truth to Lucas before someone gets hurt.