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Monday, April 16, 2007

So much for the Chelsea turnaround

I guess we can finally give up on the redemption of Chelsea. She seemed so close to being a real human and she just keeps going back to her old ways (kind of like Sami). I was really starting to like her and Nick together. I always hated the way she treated him like a "lap dog", so it was so nice to see her come around and see him as the nice guy that he really is. We all knew that would end as soon as she found out about Nick and her mom sleeping together, even though that happened when she wanted nothing to do with him!

Somehow, I was still managing to have sympathy for little Chelsea as she has been set up by Willow who has way overstayed her welcome in Salem. Poor Chelsea can't catch a break. Yet, she still hasn't learned from her mistakes! That's what frustrates me about her. She berates her "best friend" Abby about lying while she is doing the same thing. The difference is that Abby lied to try to spare Chelsea's feelings. Chelsea is lying for selfish reasons, like she always does. She is trying to cover her own butt and doesn't care who gets hurt in the path of Hurricane Chelsea! She even told Nick to his face today that she still didn't think she could trust him after he broke the law for her! Surely now he can see that she is using him to keep her name clear. When he finds out about her little rendezvous with Max coming up tomorrow, he will be so hurt. That's the difference between Chelsea and Abby. Abby may bend and break the rules sometimes, but she does it with the intentions of trying to help someone. Chelsea does it for revenge and selfish ambition. So much for the turnaround!

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