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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dare I hope?

I just read on Dustin's Days page that the actress who plays Willow is leaving. Dare I hope they are finally getting rid of Willow? Could we possibly wrap up this awful storyline and let Salem's finest get to the bottom of who broke in to the Brady house in a timely fashion? Of course with the way Chelsea has been acting lately, I sure wouldn't mind seeing her go down with the ship for obstruction of justice!

It sure would be nice for Shawn and Belle to come home years from now (we all know they will drag their feet on that one!) to a Willow-free Salem. The question remains... what will they do about the baby? Will she leave pregnant and years from now a teenager reappears? Or will she lose the baby so they can neatly tie up all the loose ends? Who knows, in Salem time she could even have the baby next week and Beau and Hope could offer to raise it for her. As long as Willow is out of the picture, they can wrap up her story however they want!

1 comment:

CR said...

I agree wholeheartedly! Down with Willow, I say!