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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dining Like Britney Spears

Last night hubby and I had the opportunity to dine by ourselves. Woo-hoo! So we did what any self-respecting Alabamian would do- we went to the local gas station! Before you start seriously questioning my sanity let me tell you that this gas station has the equivalent of a 5 star restaurant, complete with cloth napkins and a wine list attached to it. We ate at a place called Fox Valley in Maylene, Alabama and it was wonderful. I think even Ms. Spears would be impressed with this gas station (tee-hee).

When you drive up and see the Shell station, you really wonder if you are going to eat dinner there, but the inside is so nice. The food is awesome as well. I had the steak and cake (a filet mignon with a crab cake) which was terrific. Hubby had the seafood plate which he said was remarkably fresh for the middle of Alabama.

If you're ever in the neighborhood, don't go flying by this gas station. It's definitely worth stopping at, though you will probably have to wait your turn on the weekends. The locals know to show up early :)


Jacki said...

Now a gas station is one place I would never think you'd find good food!!

Mommy Cracked said...

I love quirky little places to eat like that! We have a restaurant here that's in an old grocery store/gas station called Airport Grocery...and it is wonderful!! Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves.

Mama said...

We have a place here in Damascus, VA called Cowboy's like that. Best part is it is listed on our town website as a "dining" option! I just wonder what some vistors must think when they drive by to check it out!