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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Illness Confirmed

Took Abby to the doctor this morning. We are confirmed with walking pneumonia!

The worst part is she will have to miss school tomorrow- that's the Valentine's Day party. Her class is having a secret pal lunch. She makes and decorates a box with a lunch for a secret pal and someone brings one for her. So I told her that we would take the lunch for her secret pal and take her Valentine's and leave them at the school in the morning. Then she looked at me sadly and said, "But what about the lunch that my secret pal was going to bring me?" We'll have to do a special lunch at home tomorrow!


Jacki said...

So sorry to hear this! Emma came down with a weird rash so I took her to the pediatrian yesterday....she has a mild case of chicken pox!

Chandra said...

Sorry to hear about the chicken pox, Jacki. Hope Emma is feeling better soon!