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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mama Got Honked At

... and it wasn't for a good reason! Has this ever happened to anyone else? This morning I was taking Abby to school and I got honked at for not pulling out from the stop sign I was at! Can I just say we were at a busy street and I had been up since 4:00 with Alyssa vomiting! I would think that little Mr. My Horn Works should thank his lucky stars that I did not get out of my minivan and come back to give him a piece of my mind!

I was so furious! I might have said some ugly words inside the van, though. I am an excellent driver and I can't stand to get honked at. I never honk at others unless they have failed to realize that the light has turned to green. Even then I try to give a reasonable amount of time for them to prove they are worthy of keeping their driver's license :) before I honk!

So, are you guys big honkers? What do you do when you are the honkee?


HEWY said...

I'm with you! Those people who honking to show angry instead of using it as a warning should have their horn wire clipped! They don't understand or care that they can ruining someone's day by their outburst.

Jacki said...

One of my biggest pet peeves are the drivers that honk at you the milisecond after the light turns green. I mean, please. It totally irritates me!!

I am not a big honker, but here in the DC area you just can't help but NOT use it! So many terrible drivers. Especially those that "merge" into your lane before they have even had time to pass you completely, and you then have to slam on the brakes to make sure the back of their car doesn't crash into the hood of yours.

Dee said...

NOt a big honker here, heck I wish I had big honkers tho, or is that hooters? Hmmmm Anywho I can relate, its rude to honk and do you know that by law honking your horn can get you a ticket. Horns are made for honking if you are trying to prevent an accident, but I sometimes gently and with a smile and wave honk the horn oh so very lighting, to let the car in front of me know that the light turned green 10 seconds ago. LOLOL
I enjoyed your blog this morning.

Ginny said...

I cannot stand that! Especially when the kids are in the car because then they are like, who is honking, why are they honking, etc etc etc :)