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Friday, February 15, 2008

John Black Love

It's time for another dose of John Black love! I just cannot get enough of him now that he is back on Days of Our Lives. Right now he is piloting a plane full of friends and family members that he does not remember. Even though he doesn't remember who he is, we still see the old hero that he used to be coming out.

Today I saw the funniest moment since he returned to the show. John has found a way to save the plane by dumping fuel. His friends and family had been deprived of oxygen and had passed out. Because of his heroics, the plane has now descended to where there is oxygen in the atmosphere (work with me people, it could really happen!). His wife, Marlena, regains consciousness and calls the cockpit to congratulate John. With joy and enthusiasm she says, "Oh, I love you!"

Now, who wouldn't want to hear that in the middle of a crisis? Especially from somebody you don't remember. Well John, with every bit of dry wit he can muster replies, "Good to know" and hangs up the cockpit phone! I laughed out loud.

If you are not watching this show, it is definitely worth getting started. If you need any help getting things straightened out with who's related to who, don't be shy, just ask. Or go to this great website - Dustin's Days of Our Lives page. He has great history information and all the best spoilers.


Jacki said...

So you watch soap operas too!

I watch General Hospital and One Life to Live when I get the chance. Peter always makes fun of me, because the story lines hardly ever change, but hey. It's mindless entertainment!

Dee said...

I told my neighbor when she cried tears of pain and sadness that John would be back so to stop her sniviling....LOL glad he's back too!