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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Sickness

I keep reading on new friends blogs about all the sickness going around, so I felt the need to chime in. I finally felt like we were climbing out of our pit that we were in over the Christmas break. Three out of the four members of our house got some form of strep throat before Christmas. Then on Christmas Eve I woke up with a bladder infection that lasted about 6 weeks. During that time we all passed around a cold as well.

So for the past 2 weeks we seemed pretty healthy - which is pretty amazing considering the fact that the flu has hit so hard in our area that the doctor's offices are not taking well-child visits for the next month! I have a friend who went to the doctor yesterday at 8:00 and was not seen until 11:30!

Now, my sweet 7 year old, Abby, has been struggling for just a few days with a nagging cough. Do you ever get the feeling that something is coming? This is just one of those coughs that seems to just hang around. She has no fever or other symptoms and she is still playing fine. In fact, she is acting just like she does when she has had walking pneumonia in the past. I haven't heard of that going around but wouldn't that be our luck to be the ones to start it! We are waiting for the nurse to call back. I am hoping they will call her in something so we don't have to go in and get exposed to anything worse. Goodness knows if it's going around, we can catch it!

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