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Saturday, March 15, 2008


Why is it that thunderstorms seem to always come in the middle of the night?

Last night my nephew spent the night with me, and naturally hubby was out of town chaperoning a youth trip for our church to the beach. I had been a responsible parent when I heard that bad weather was coming our way and stayed up late to watch the weather report on the news. The nice weatherman said that severe thunderstorms would come through our area between 5 and 10 this morning. I thought we would be fine and hoped that it wouldn't get bad until after we were all awake.

Imagine my surprise when I was awakened at 2:45 this morning to flashes of lightning, howling winds, and hail on my roof! I started running around shutting down computers, unplugging TVs, and checking on amazingly still asleep children. After I finally got back in bed at 3:30, guess who couldn't get back to sleep? My dog was going nuts in his kennel! Every time I heard any creak in or outside of the house I thought my sweet nephew was trying to find his way down to my room! I think I finally got back to sleep around 5:30 this morning! I am one tired Mommy (and Aunt Sissy)!


Jacki said...

I love watching lightning, although I still have the fear of standing too close to the windows for fear of being zapped. :-) Peter runs outside and takes pictures.

AFRo said...

The lightning was beautiful that night. But, I woke to the sound of a tornado passing over at about 5 a.m. at my house! It was terrifying! Thanks Goodness it wasn't on the ground yet or we would've been in trouble.

Glad you guys survived and thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back to visit and do some more commenting!