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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lost and Not Found

I don't know if your children are like this, but why do kids always seems to lose the most expensive or most treasured toys yet keep every free kids meal toy they ever acquire?

We have boxes upon boxes of junk toys! You know the ones. You get them for free at any drive-through and if your kids see you throw them away, they cry. They don't really want to play with them, but proclaim that each one is their very favorite!

Now, my sweet Abby has one treasured baby doll that she calls "Tickle" because she likes to tickle her yarn hair as she falls asleep. She has kept this doll since she was about 3 (she is now 7). It has been misplaced before, but this time it has gone missing for about a week and we have turned the house upside down.

There is also the subject of a missing Nintendo DS that she just received for her birthday in November. Now, she is not quite as anxious as Mommy is to recover the DS, but Mommy knows how much the DS cost!

She of course has no idea where she left either one and has about a 3 minute attention span for looking for them. We even approached a higher power tonight and prayed that God would help us to think clearly and remember if we had seen them anywhere! Is that bad? I apologize for hogging His time on such a silly matter, but we are at our wits end!

My big question is, when we finally find the DS (it's got to be here somewhere), do I keep it away from her for awhile as a punishment to teach her to be more responsible? What kind of rules can I set up to help her be more responsible with her more expensive toys? We try to teach her to take care of all of her toys, but look where that's gotten us! Help, please!


Dee said...

I have no advice for you at all on this subject.(and this is bad cause I really should have something to offer you being that my kids are 19-15-8 lol) I find that unless the toy is precious to them they won't take very good care of it, no matter what something cost. I find myself ranting and raving about the care of this and that cause like you I know how much it cost when the kids could care less.???? Let me know what you decide to do. Maybe I can use it on the 8 year old in the future.

Jen said...

SO TRUE! I have so many of those little free kids meal toys!! Not sure about how to punish about the losing the DS. I'm gonna have to come back and see what people say on that.

BTW- I have an award waiting for you on my blog! ENJOY! :)

Jacki said...

Well....Emma is almost 4 so she doesn't get many expensive toys yet. But we are teaching her now to take care of her toys by threatening to throw them out. If she doesn't put away her toys where they belong, we tell her we are going to throw them out. This may not work for an older kid, but definitely take it away and put a moratorium on buying any new toys until she learns to take care of the ones she has. :-)