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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Ever Heads or Tails

If you are looking for my Ultimate Blog Party post click here.

This is my first ever Heads or Tails post! I have seen it over at my friend Jen's blog and have so enjoyed her posts that I thought I would join in the fun. Head over to Skittles Place to see more and to add your own.

This weeks theme is green in honor of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday. My first thought was how I am often green with envy! Right now I am struggling with envy in 2 areas. I have house envy and car envy. Is that a problem for anyone else?

I drive a 2001 minivan and it still works just fine, but when I see so many friends getting new cars its really hard to not want heated seats, too!

My house is the exact same. It was just built in 2004 and is plenty big for my family. The problem is that I play in a Bunko group that meets in different houses every month. I see things in each house, whether they are larger or smaller than mine, that I would love to have in my "next" house.

I know that we are not supposed to envy what others have, and I really have to work on that. I'm just being honest about my personal struggle here! Do you have a personal issue with things you envy? Come on, get it off your chest!


Anonymous said...

oooh, the green monster. Envy is a daily plague, over some of the silliest little things. I'm working on it.

Raven said...

I recently had a bout with camera envy... I had a VERY old 1.5 pixel relic and all the other kids had tons of pixels. This issue was resolved by my kitty Tara Grace who pushed the old one off my desk and shattered it into a half dozen pieces.... Guess that won't work with a house or car.

You might find the Abraham-Hicks material - - or The Secret to have interesting advice on the subject of envy and manifesting what you want.

Skittles said...

Ok ok. I confess to having some envy, too!

My car is a 97 Buick. It came with heated seats.. but now only the passenger seat gets warm. Lot of good that does ME. LOL.

I can list tons of advantages to being an apartment dweller.. but there's nothing like owning your own home. That's still a ways off for us.

Welcome to Heads Or Tails!!!! I'm adding you to the blogroll right now. :)

Misty Dawn said...

Right now, I have some serious camera envy.

Welcome to Heads or Tails! You're going to have a lot of fun with this meme!

Charlotte (Charmed Life) said...

I envy those moms who seems to get things done. I wish there are more hours in a day ... NO I take that babck. LOL!
Happy tuesday!

Laane said...

Great post!

We don't have a car, and we havbe a small house for all of us.

But I'm also too bussy to feel envy. Lucky me!

My "green" is up too ::here::

Enjoy your day!

Jacki said...

I envy people their nice houses, too. We are renting a nice house, I can't complain...but I wish we could buy our own home. But the houses are still kinda expensive in our area.

Jen said...

Uh, YA! I envy all the time unfortunately. I envy people's cars and houses as well. What I'm envying most now is skinny pretty women who seem to have everything put together! You know the people I'm talking about? It's helping to motivate me to work out everyday and eat healthy though. Thanks for linking to me on this post! SO NICE!! :)