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Monday, March 10, 2008

May I Introduce ...

Rick and Bubba!

I am so hoping this works because I want you to hear this. This is a clip of a radio show hear in Birmingham that I listen to every day. It is called the Rick and Bubba show and you can listen to it online weekday mornings from 6 - 10 am central time. It is also syndicated so it may be available in your area. If it's not, then it should be! This clip was when they had John Pinette in the studio a few years ago but it was the best one I could find on YouTube.

Both Rick's and Bubba's kids go to the same school with my girls and one of Rick's sons is in the same class with Abby this year. They are the nicest guys and so funny. They also have tons of CDs available on their website as well as 2 books and 2 DVDs from when they were on TV a few years ago.


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