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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who Doesn't Love Jewelry?

I don't know about you, but I am somewhat picky about my jewelry. I have 2 rings that I always wear and I never leave home without my watch. I like to pick a piece of jewelry and stick with it!

Well let me introduce you to the QRay. This is an ionized bracelet made with select mineral component metals and exclusive ionization technology. This means you will get the best looking bracelet while maintaining optimum performance. It's worn by many athlete's to maintain wellness, so shouldn't you check it out, too?


VE said...

Of course, being a guy, I don't have dangly earrings or bracelets. But I do agree, I'm very particular about my watch. I know my girlfriend is very particular too.

Dee said...

i have a love of costume jewelry,but I lose things really fast. I take off my earrings here and there around the house then can't find them. I only have two things I rarely take off. My wedding ring and my cross necklace. I have a hawaiian bracelet that get this, my mom has and won't give back. Okay don't know why I'm rambling, I have nothing to blog about on my own page so I'm making this comment way too long.

Iris said...

Jewelry is best part of fashion accessories and Q-Ray bracelets are rock...