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Monday, April 07, 2008

In Response to Help

Thank you to my sweet blog buddies for your encouragement this weekend! So many of you had the same questions I did about increasing page ranks on different scales, so I thought I would share one thing I learned over the weekend and ask (maybe beg a little- Tee Hee!) for help again.

I was reading a website this weekend that talked about how your rankings are affected by your standing on other social networking sites like technorati, digg, and As your standing on the social networking sites go up, your rankings go up as well.

To that end, I joined technorati several weeks ago. You may not have noticed my button on the side bar where you can add me to your faves, so here it is again:

Add to Technorati Favorites

If this is a blog you enjoy, run over to technorati and add me to your faves, please. You can walk if you must! Then leave me a comment so I can make sure I have returned the favor. I know I already have many of you in my favorites folder. When I get digg and added I will add those buttons on the side bar as well so make sure you look for them.

And don't forget that you only have until Friday to get entered in my very 1st giveaway! I will notify the winner this weekend and hopefully have my 100th post up on Monday.


Ginny said...

Hey hon, I added you. I'd love if you stopped over my blog & did the same thing!

Chandra said...

Ginny, you were one of the first in my favorite folder. :)

Dee, I saw you added me as well. You are in my favorites, too!

CR said...

Mission accomplished!