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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tickle Me Tuesday- Cats

This week for Tickle Me Tuesday, please join me for the time honored tradition of laughing at cats as they do what they do best - fall down and sometimes grouch and fight!

I am a dog person, but I really enjoy all animals, so I love these types of clips. They make me giggle. I hope you enjoy it as well.

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Jacki said...

HAHA...I love when cats get spooked. The way they jump is hilarious.

Thanks for sharing this!

Marie said...

I want a cat. :( Our lease is up for renewal, uh... today, and we were going to negotiate with them to let us have a cat, but then I got pregnant. Can't have toxoplasmosis and there's no way I'd get Brad to deal with the litter.

VE said...

I do that too when I look in the mirror...

BP said...

How funny you should post this today! Our outside cat snuck in the door this morning, and I had a time getting her back outside. I had no idea she could squeeze under our couch like she did! She "adopted" our porch last year and I think she was previously an inside cat because she is always trying to sneak inside.

CR said...

Thanks for the good laugh!

Dee said...

Very cute! I'm gonna send this one to my neighbor she LOVES cats!


livin with me said...

Love it!! I'm a dog person too- but that video is hilarious. I love the one with the cat who is afraid of him/herself in the mirror.