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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Super Thursday

What is Super Thursday, you ask? That is what I am now calling my Thursday afternoons! If politics can have a Super Tuesday, then I can have a Super Thursday. Every Thursday I pick my 4 year old up from school at 11:45. My 1st grader gets out at 2:20 but she stays at school and goes straight to ballet. That gives me a little break. She gets done with ballet at 4:00 and that is when the real race begins! We have to pick her up and get the 4 year old to gymnastics by 4:15. Luckily they are not far apart in distance. There was not another time that we could schedule the wee one's gymnastics so for now, the race is on.

Every other day of the week is pretty mild and manageable. We do go a lot of places, but Thursday is the only one with a real rush in between! It is time to go pick up my oldest, Abby ... On your mark, get set- Go!

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