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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Are they for real?

Oddly enough I am talking about Jeremy Horton and the DiMeras! Did you ever think you would see this pairing? First off, could Jeremy be any more of a jerk? This really seems to be his only purpose on the show. He isn't even intelligent enough to line up his own financial backers for his "business ventures". His girlfriend, Stephanie, and a girl he hardly even knows, Chelsea, had to line up Max for him. Then as a reward he treats them like dirt. The way he talked to Stephanie today was despicable and the fact that she stood up for him was just sad. I can't believe Max was dumb enough to invest in the flying part of the business and then even dumber to get in on the questionably illegal part! Clearly the guy running this "business" is not making good decisions if he has lost all his previous backing, and on top of that, who wants to be in business with a jerk!

Then we find out that Jeremy's supplier of the fake designer clothing is none other than Tony DiMera. So the DiMeras really have nothing better to do now than to replicate Guccis and sell them on the black market. They are really done tracking down and torturing Bradys and anybody else who gets in the way of their vendetta. Is this what this family has been reduced to? Just when the DiMeras were becoming the perfect family of villains, we get thrown this stupid story! I believe Jeremy has become the new Willow. He just doesn't fit and he is starting to mess up my other storylines. He may have already worn out his welcome in Salem!

1 comment:

CR said...

I'm thinking there's more than just clothes they're peddling...Jeremy gets on my everlasting nerve too, but not as much as Willow yet. Thanks Days for clearing her out!