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Friday, June 22, 2007

Love those DiMeras

I am loving having the Dimeras back in town and back in control. This story about Colleen is such a great way to showcase how bad they can be while also showing that they can be rational about it. I love watching Stefano trying to decide whether to end the vendetta. We all know it will never end because Tony has now gone crazier than his father!

Just when it looks like you can declare all DiMeras villains, EJ starts acting like a good guy and Steve turns up at the DiMera mansion revealing Brady family secrets while EJ is lying to his father to protect the Bradys. How can this be? Is it all a ruse? Kayla would not let Steve leave that island if he was not deprogrammed. The question then becomes did he overpower her, trick her, or lie to the DiMeras? Hopefully we have the old Steve back and he is in on the plan with the Bradys. According to the spoilers for next week, he comes to Hope's rescue so there must still be some good in him. There is still no telling about EJ. His stripes can change on a dime. He better watch himself though. His daddy is not going to be happy about his deception and there are only so many times that Stefano will be made a fool!

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