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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Private Prayer Languages

So my Sunday School teacher keeps bringing this up and even posted a comment that sent me to do a little research about this. Of course I have an opinion. Whether it's any good or not is irrelevant. It's mine! So Reverend Dwight McKissic speaks at the chapel service of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary last week and referred to the fact that he and others used a private prayer language. He knows that this is hot topic with the International Mission Board right now. Now SWBTS has pulled his sermon from the website. My first thought was that he was not saying something that was false, but the manner in which he delivered it was disrespectful. I feel like he was being insubordinate to those he was invited to speak under. Then I read the letter he posted to Dr. Paige Patterson. While maintaining his difference of opinion with Dr. Patterson, he submits to his leadership and agrees to have further sermons proofread for content. He points out why he believes his point was scripturally sound, but agrees to continue to support the seminary. I sincerely hope that the IMB and SWBTS can eventually embrace the Biblical view of private prayer languages, and I feel like the way he worded this letter could be much more effective than the sermon to the chapel students.

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