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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hurricane Katrina

OK, so this opinion has been sitting with me for a while and I just have to get it out! It's been a year since the hurricane of 2005 and here is Brad Pitt in my People magazine comparing New Orleans to the devastation he has seen in Haiti and Ethiopia. What a travesty that we in America have not done more to save New Orleans so superhero Brad must come save the day (or whatever other celebrity you want to insert into the story). Well, here's my issue. Many people have sent tons of money (yes even our government) - enough money that New Orleans was able to throw a humongous party known as Mardi Gras six months months ago!!!! IMHO that shows horrific mismanagement of funds locally by the government.

I was expecting a huge turnover in that government when the elections were held so that this city could be rebuit into something they could be proud of. Instead, they reelected the same crooked politicians that have abandoned them for the past year. The same ones who told them to go to the convention center with hundreds of buses waiting around the corner yet didn't use them during the hurricane! These are the leaders you want New Orleans and yet you complain about the lifestyle you are left in when it is the one you chose.

I am saddened for those who are too young to do anything about the position they are in. They are being raised in a city that values gambling and partying over rebuilding homes and restoring water and electricity. How do we explain that to these precious children? Better yet, how do we make their lives better? The government can't do it by just sending money. They tried that early on and were taken advantage of. Now there is so much paperwork involved (and it appears to be necessary because of the number of people who stole money from the government early on) that it takes forever to get anything done. So truly the only way change is going to happen in New Orleans is person to person. That's why I think it hasn't happened yet ... too many people are waiting for the money to arrive and not the people. New Orleans need leaders to change the city and people ready to work. That's my opinion!

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